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My Name is Christopher Blevins

I'm an independent IT professional with over 30 years of education and experience in business software design and development.

My Mission

Businesses like yours are faced with ever-growing pressure to survive, let alone prosper. Alongside that pressure you'll find an abundance of technologies available to help you survive and even thrive.

My mission is to help you with your software design and development needs to use technology for your success.

My Services


You have an idea and you need help implementing it

Do you have the next great aspect of social media in mind? Or maybe a complete disruption in your area of business? Bringing your idea to fruition can take a lot of navigation through technology, security and compliance.

Don't let your idea get lost on its way.

I can use my years of experience in designing and developing software and information systems to turn your ideas into a working solution. Or, if you prefer, capture the idea into a design and bring it to your own team for development.

Things to consider in your software solution:

  • Cloud Services and Architecture (Azure, AWS, Google, or others)
  • Software System Design to Fully Support your Idea
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Security from the Server to the User
  • Supporting Compliance with the Latest Privacy and Data Requirements

You have a development team and you need help training them

Whether you're a start-up with a brand new development team, or a well-established business and you want to bring your developers up-to-date, I offer coaching and training for software developers and teams.

Or maybe you're experiencing frustration that things just don't seem to be working as expected and would simply like to find out what changes or approaches would best suit your present business needs.

Some current software development methodology training that your team may need:

  • Agile Development Principles and Practices
  • Integrating DevOps into Your Business Culture
  • Scrum Methodology
  • Feature Driven Development
  • Domain Driven Design

You have a problem and you need help solving it

With over 30 years of experience in technology and business, I've seen and worked with a lot of problems. I can analyze and locate problems and recommend solutions, or at your direction implement the solutions with you or for you.

Some issues that indicate you need to address something in your business' IT infrastructure include:

  • Security Breaches
  • Errors in Application Integrations
  • Slow Databases or Processing

Contact Me

I'm currently available for short term projects, or possibly the right long term project (let's talk).

Please contact me with a description of your need and we'll start working out the plan to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Or reach out to me on: